App Publishing Process

App Publishing Process

We want to make the app launch process easy for you as you are finishing up adding content and nearing your launch date.  Here is all the information you need for the app publishing process.  

Step 1: All Content is uploaded and ready

When we use the word content, we are referring to your stops that you created with images, audio (if it is an audio tour), GPS points and graphics.  All of these things need to be complete so that we can send the app for approval.  

Content Checklist


Step 2: Tour Buddy Review Process  3 to 7 days

When your content is complete, you will press the “Request to Publish” button on your dashboard.  The Tour Buddy team will then review your content and test your app.  We will contact you if any content or graphics are missing or if we have any suggestions for improvement.  We will also begin preparing the listings for the App Store and Google Play.

Once the Tour Buddy team reviews the content and ensures everything is complete, your app will be sent to approval from the App Store and Google Play.  

Step 3: App Store and Google Play Release Process – 1-2 weeks

Once Tour Buddy sends your app off for review, your app will be approved within 1-2 weeks.  You will receive an e-mail with the links to the App Store and Google Play listing after they are approved.