Music Festival Guide, Savannah Georgia

Savannah Stopover Music Festival started as a way for bands traveling down I-95 en route to SXSW to stop and play a show in a cool, small Southern city known for it’s hospitality. From there, it kind of spread like wild fire. Their mission revolves around musical discovery, they want people to find their new favorite band. And to be the first to hear what’s next!

The Savannah Stopover Music Festival is now celebrating their eighth anniversary and Tour Buddy Apps has provided the app for the festival this year as well as some years past!  The Savannah Stopover Music Festival App lets users navigate the festival on their iPad, iPhone or Android device with offline content:

  1. All bands will be playing within walking distance of downtown Savannah, and users can easily see where they are located and use the GPS navigation to get there.
  2. The app also has the entire schedule of the festival along with band bios and playlist options to listen to a song from each band.  With 2-4 bands playing at all times, there is so much to choose from!
  3. All venues and shows are listed on a GPS enabled map so that users can get directions to the venue with one click.
  4. Click on the Schedule bubble for in an in-app browser so users don’t have to leave the app to view the full schedule.  Also view the schedule by day for more details.

About the Savannah Stopover Festival

Iconic venues and historic downtown Savannah are once again hosting both visiting bands from across the nation and the globe, as well as local bands alike.  There are over 80 performances scheduled for the festival with many musical styles including:  Indie Rock, Pop, Dance, Soul, Folk, Hip Hop, Electronica, Blue Grass, Singer Songwriter, Country Rock, etc.  You can purchase VIP Passes,  3-day festival pass, 2-day weekend pass or Single day passes now. Some of the hottest bands are selling out so don’t wait.

Download the Savannah Stopover Music Festival App for iPad, iPhone or Android today through the App Store or Google Play today!

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Carrollton, Mississippi Walking Tour App

Walking Tour of Carrollton, Mississippi

The town of Carollton, Mississippi wanted residents and visitors to experience the town’s history and architecture through a self guided tour.  The town, through funding from the Mississippi Humanities Council, was able to create a walking tour app showing the homes throughout Carrollton and tell each home’s story.  They were able to create their iOS and Android app using the App Builder Website.


The App

The app takes users on a self guided tour of the town and its homes.  The architecture and time period the home was built in are narratred by Walt Grayson.  Walt Grayson, author, journalist, radio broadcaster and native of Mississippi brings the app to life as visitors can stroll around Carrollton and hear the story of its historic homes.

This App is just in time for the annual Historic Pilgrimage and Pioneer Day Festival.  The new app will compliment the most popular Pilgrimage home tour.  For more information on this event go to  The Walking Tour of Carrollton, Mississippi is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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City Festival and Walking Guide for 150th Anniversary

The App

Fort Thomas’s Birthday

A new app is being rolled out just in time for the 150th birthday of Fort Thomas, Kentucky. The town has employed the Tour Buddy app to keep participants informed about the long list of events that are in store during the sesquicentennial in early July 2017.

Fort Thomas birthday festivities:

  • Cupcake eating contest
  • Fireworks display
  • School of Rock Concert

Fort Thomas’s History

Not only does the app include the schedule and details about the upcoming festivities, it also includes historic tours around Fort Thomas. For example, one stop showcases the oldest home in Fort Thomas, the Taliaferro Home. GPS location triggers help participants find their way. Historic black and white photos, accompanied by modern color photos show how the home has changed throughout the years. Nuggets of historic information are included in the app as well.

Did you know that in 1947 a plane crashed in town and a local grocer came to the rescue?

Learn more while taking the Fort Thomas North End Tour. Or, take the City Center Tour, to view the home and studio of Harlan Hubbard, aka “Kentucky’s Thoreau.” Tour participants can view the accompanying video that celebrates the memory of Harlan and Anna Hubbard to learn more.

Check out the video >>>

In the News

The Fort Thomas Matters online newsletter quoted the city’s sesquicentennial planning member, Chuck Keller discussing the new app, “It becomes a very interesting e-card for the city, a way to introduce ourselves to new businesses and new residents.”

Read the full article >>>


The app will not only benefit the citizens of Fort Thomas, who will now be able to learn about their town’s history and upcoming citywide events, but it will also appeal to visitors who may be unfamiliar with the long and rich history of the area. This app gives local businesses a chance to introduce sales and promotions directly to users as well. From providing programming information about upcoming town festivals to sharing stories from the town’s long history, the Tour Buddy app is helping to maintain a strong and unique community.

Children’s Book Festival App

Live Oak Public Library and the City of Savannah wanted to offer attendees to the Savannah Children’s Book Festival an interactive experience.  The library and city saw how beneficial an app would be to the event, and they created the Savannah Children’s Book Festival App using the App Builder Website.  The app gives users the opportunity to see the schedule, learn about featured authors and preview books written by authors through links to the Live Oak Public Library website.  Learn more about the Savannah Children’s Book Festival App available on the App Store and Google Play

The App

While many festivals and events print out schedules and information on speakers, the Savannah Children’s Book Festival App allows users to experience the festival and browse all it has to offer through an app.  The app includes a full schedule, a book signing schedule and information on featured and local authors.  The event is taking place in the scenic Forsyth Park, and the app includes a custom map of the event with markers on the map that shows users where the various events are happening and where to locate food vendors.  The Savannah Children’s Book Festival wanted to upgrade the experience of their attendees and their app adds an easy and interactive way to get all the information that they need!


Tech Conference, Charleston, South Carolina

The DIG South Conference in Charleston, South Carolina provided a branded app that included their schedule, links to speakers a GPS enabled map and music clips of the awesome groups who performed throughout the conference.  The Tour Buddy App platform allowed the conference to include all of these major elements of the conference so that attendees could have all the important info in one cohesive app.   The App also includes all of the company locations for Space Walk and songs for most of the bands in the Dig Music Series.  The app is also available year round so that potential attendees can see what the conference is all about any time of the year.

Tech and Education Conference, Savannah, Georgia

The Creative Coast hosts the Geekend Conference every year in Savannah, Georgia.  Instead of simply printing an itinerary and maps, the Creative Coast created the Geekend App using the App  Builder Website so that attendees can navigate the conference with a GPS enabled app with audio, images and clickable links

What’s in the App?

The Geekend App for iOS and Android devices helps attendees navigate the Geekend Conference , usually held in the Fall in Savannah, Georgia. This intentionally interdisciplinary conference brings together cutting-edge tech and creative visionaries who will inspire attendees with music, networking and engaging presentations. With the Geekend App, attendees can decide which awesome session they want to attend each day. Users can navigate from a session on ‘Gaming Creativity’ to another on the ‘Magic of Mobile Product Development,’ which features one of Tour Buddy’s mastermind app developers, Brian Crisculolo as well as Tour Buddy’s Founder and CEO, Yvonne Jouffrault.  Attendees will be inspired at sessions and make connections with other artists, entrepreneurs, educators and techies at Happy Hours or the Closing Night After Party on Saturday night.


Every attendee can download the app to their own device and do a custom search, select favorites and read about each event without keeping track of another piece of paper or map.  Don’t miss these three days of stimulating speakers, panels, workshops and networking. Tickets are available here.