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Our popular App Builder platform offers an easy, cost effective solution for Cities, Resorts and Cultural destinations to create their own mobile friendly website or iPhone and Android apps to communicate with and delight their guests and visitors.  No wifi or cell data necessary for mobile app to function after downloaded.*

Mobile Friendly Website

Give guests a mobile friendly website that shows your tour with your list of stops and a GPS map. 

Can be viewed through a browser on a phone or on a desktop computer as a virtual tour.


No download necessary.
interactive tour map features screenshot

Single Guide App

Create one guide with 1 list (red screenshot) or multiple lists (blue screenshot).

Ideal for tours with 150 stops or less. 
Users downloads the app and has access to all the content immediately.
single guide app feature

Multi-Guide App

Include one main (default) guide and add up to 10 or more guides for download. Include different guides for different tours or areas.

After downloading the main guide, guests can download additional guides.
Ability to charge for individual guides as “in-app purchase.”

Interactive GPS-Maps

Map shows the GPS location of the user, and stops.

One click gives directions from current location to selected stop in Maps App.
Choose a street map or Google aerial map for parks and cemeteries.
*Internet connection necessary for this feature.

Gallery View

Include multiple images per stop.

Images can be any dimensions, but will be fit within a rectangular screen.

Stop Detail Screens

A detail screen (one allowed per stop) displays additional information and social sharing button for Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

Html ready: phone numbers, addresses and websites are ‘clickable.’
Include web links that will open in the browser inside the app.
Includes a small map, which can be expanded.


Setting Menus

Guests can control every aspect of their experience with Setting menus.

Turn ‘on’ GPS Auto Play for GPS triggered audio.
Slideshow Mode rotates images in full screen while audio plays.
Kiosk mode keeps the phone awake during driving tours.

Landing Page, or Menu

Create multiple lists and categories within one guide.

Each button displays a separate stop list.
Can be used for multiple tours, languages, events, sponsorships, and more.
Displays when App first opens, and is accessed by a menu icon on all pages.

Custom Image Map

Upload a custom Image Map that links directly with the Stop List. Identify each point of interest on the map for your facility or area.

We recommend square or rectangular images at least 1600px wide.

Quiz Questions

Add interactive and fun location based questions to the points of interest.  

Users get hints and win stickers to fill up their scorecard.  

About Page

Include descriptive information about your tour or organization.

Display a weblink inside the page, OR
Use an HTML editor to customize with images, links and text formatting.
All phone numbers and addresses are ‘clickable’ within the App.


User-Friendly Website

Make changes to your content on the App Builder website anytime. All changes will be pushed to the app.

View App Builder Tutorial


App usage analytics reports showing user location traffic and click behavior.

User Features Overview

Search, Sort and Favorite your points of interest by keywords or by nearby.

The star allows guests to ‘favorite’ a stop to view in ‘Favorites.’
The ‘nearby’ icon sorts the stop-list in order of what is closest.
The ‘search’ icon allows user to search stops by any text.

Preview on your Phone

After creating Guide on our App Builder Website, preview it anytime by viewing it using the Tour Buddy App.

After app is downloaded, it is available offline.

Optimized for iPad and Android Tablets

Our iOS and Android app can be viewed in portrait and landscape mode. 

tablet view feature

Customized Branding

Create your own icon, splash screen and Information Screens with graphics, links and contact info.

Customize the accent color of your app to match your branding.
Upload your logo and custom graphics.

Premium Features

Admin Activity Center

Admin users can manage multiple users and apps.  Recommended for large organizations or an app that includes multiple organizations.

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Single Use Download Codes

Increase privacy with single use passcodes that can only be used on one device.

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Background Notifications

Alert the user to nearby stops when they are not using the app.

Push & Geo Notifications

Send real time push notifications to all guests on the property.  Schedule Geo-Fence notifications.

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iBeacon Integration

Create an immersive indoor or outdoor tour with iBeacons through bluetooth technology.  Ideal for tours with points of interest in close proximity.  Premium Feature.  

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Offline Video

Make video available offline, without internet connection.  Trigger video with GPS points.  

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