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New App Features: Favorites & Accent Color

We are always looking for little ways to improve our app user experience and allow clients to brand their apps so we’ve added a couple of new features to our app that are now available to all IOS app clients.

Choose your accent color

Previously most of our client apps came in ‘tour buddy blue’ but now clients can configure the accent color throughout the app to match their brand. Just enter the hex color code in our Design page on the app builder website and preview the results by downloaing a preview to the Tour Buddy App. Simple. We also look forward to our new website images that will sport a rainbow of colors in our app screenshots!


Favorites:  Save favorite POI/Stops for later

This was a great suggestion from an attendee of the Savannah Stopover Festival after using the Stopover app – built on the Tour Buddy App Builder platform.  Every stop now has a star next to it which the user can tap and add it to the ‘favorite’ list.  The user can access the list of ‘favorites’ anytime by clicking on the star in the header.  We are now offering this feature to all clients and it will debut in the Dig South Festival App next week.


Learn about all the features that Tour Buddy Apps offers.  

Check out the new Tour Buddy ios7 iPad App

With our new ios7 app we have released an iPad only app.  This app has a different ‘iPad’ friendly navigation with the stop list on the left and stop content on the right.  It also differs from the iPhone app in that it will appear in the iPad app section of the app store that users see when they search the app store on their iPad app.  You can preview your app on an iPad using the Tour Buddy App Guides app.

Check out some screenshots for the ios7 iPad app below and you can download our demo app  at


2013-11-08 14.42.11 2013-11-08 14.42.17 2013-11-08 14.40.09

2013-11-08 14.41.46 2013-11-08 14.40.41 2013-11-08 14.40.16




New Features, iOS 7 App & iPad App

We are always getting great feedback about our apps and working on ways to improve the user experience so that our clients can offer an app that is both packed with great content and easy to use. So, you may notice some improvements in the apps that we released (and rereleased) this summer.

Social Sharing

We have added a social sharing button on both iPhone and Android Apps that allows the user to share the stop information along with a link to the app on social media or email.

Search Bar:

We have added a search bar at the top of the list view for iPhone Apps (only).

New Menu Screen:

Check out the new menu screen for our iPhone apps.  It displays images from each list or category along with a gallery of 10 app images.  Very Cool.

If you want to check out one of our apps with our new features, we suggest downloading the Savannah Walking Tour LITE for iPhone or Android.

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Whats Next?

We have only released a couple of new features this summer since we are already working on our brand new Version 3.0 iOS 7 App!  We have rebuilt our app under the hood to maximize the new features in iOS 7 and are working on a brand new user interface that will have the look and feel of iOWe will also be releasing an iPad only app that will have its own ‘iPad friendly’ navigation.  We expect to offer these new IOS apps later in the fall after Apple has officially released iOS 7.  We will be sending out this new app to clients for feedback and will announce all the new features in that app when the time gets closer.

And what about our Android users?  Once we have released our new design and iterated based on client and user feedback, we will start incorporating those features into the Android App.