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Push Notifications and Geo-fencing in your mobile app tour

Incorporating push notifications and geo-fencing into a mobile app can be a powerful location based communication tool.  Both features engage users in real time in a specific area or location.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are alerts or messages sent to the dashboard of an iOS or Android device.  When users download an app, they need to press ‘allow’ to receive the push notifications.  Push notifications can contain a message or  URLs about special events and promotions.  Sending a message to the front of users phones keep their attention in real time.

What is Geo-fencing?

A Geo-fence is a virtual geographic boundary around a location.  It can be as small as 50 meters and as large as an entire city.  The push notifications work with the Geo-Fence so that the users who are in the Geo-fence receive the notifications.

How do Push Notifications and Geo-Fence work in an app?

A hotel could send notifications to only users on the property.  The message could tell guests about happy hour in the lobby or a promotion on golfing.  A city or destination could expand the Geo-fence of the notification to cover the entire city.  You can send specific messages when users enter the geo-fence and exit.  If a destination wants more reviews, they can send a message asking for a review with a link to the review page that is sent when the visitor leaves the geo-fence.

Incorporating Sponsors and Advertisers in Push Notifications

For potential advertisers in cities and destinations, the app could send a notification to users who enter or exit the Geo-fence around a business or merchant.  The message could tell users about a promotion at that business or event happening there later that day.

Possible issues with Push Notifications and Geo-fencing

Both features create an excellent medium of communication between the app creator and the user.  However, both features require that the user opt-in by pressing “Allow” after downloading the app.  Therefore if the users press, “Don’t Allow” they will not receive the push notifications/Geo-fences.

If any of the information communicated through either feature is hyper important, you may want to reconsider sending it through the notifications or Geo-fencing and just make it part of the app content.  Not every user will allow the notifications, but every user who does will certainly see them and be very aware of your message

Push notifications along with Geo-fencing creates an even greater connection between the user and the app to direct attention towards specific events, promotions or businesses.

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