Single Use Passcodes Now Available

Single Use Passcodes Now Available

Tour Buddy Apps listens to clients to help them reach more visitors and users in a variety of industries.  A feature that has become increasingly important is privacy and controlling who consumes their content.  For over 2 years, Tour Buddy has offered a private sign-in for branded apps.  Now, clients can increase privacy with single use passcodes that can only be used on one device.

Here are just a few examples of how single use download codes can be used:

Tour Operators

Tour operators can offer a mobile app as an “add-on” to their guests.  The mobile app can provide additional tours or foreign language tours to guests who take the tour.  Guests would download the tour operator’s app and then enter the download code in the sign-in.  Guests would not be able to share their passcode with anyone else because once the passcode is used on a device, it can not be used again on a different device.


Special Events

Organizations who want limit how many people and/or who downloads their content can use single use passcodes.  Particularly for paid events or experiences, organizations offer the single use passcode to access the tour after guests have paid.


Books and Paper Map Tours

Book publishers and producers of paper maps can create and offer a digital tour to people who purchase their products.  The book or map would have download instructions and the username and single use passcode for the consumer to download the content.  This information would be written in its material and only accessible to people who buy the product.


Interested in using single use passcodes for your location, event or book?  Contact us now!