Offer your tours through one simple app.

The Single Guide App offers one branded app that includes one tour or multiple tours (lists) all available immediately after downloading the app.  The App Builder Website makes it easy to create and launch your single guide app to the App Store and Google Play under your organization’s own name and branding.  Ideal for tours with 150 points of interest or less.  Have more than 150 points of interest?  We recommend the Multi-Guide App.

User Experience Overview


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Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


Start Your Tour

All the content is ready for the user to explore and begin taking the tour immediately.

Easy App Builder Website

Manage all guides through the Tour Buddy App Builder Platform.  Add and manage new guides anytime and create custom itineraries that can be downloaded with special sign in access.  Reports offer insights into guests’ app usage.

How It Works

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Get Started today and start building your guide on the App Builder website, and download it to your IOS or Android phones / tablets using the Tour Buddy App.

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