Art Tour, Lisbon, Portugal

Art Tour, Lisbon, Portugal

The Urban Art Tour App brings engaging and transformative graffiti street art from Lisbon, Portugal to your iPad, iPhone or Android device. The app is in Portuguese and you can navigate more than a dozen stops with the GPS coordinates to discover a wide variety of street art that shows the heart of Lisbon’s culture, and its important place in the international graffiti art scene. Along with GPS coordinates, the Urban Art app includes a map of Lisbon and the tour’s stops.

The Urban Art Tour App guides users to stops where artists have used the canvas of the street to communicate relevant social and political ideas. Stops like the Tùnel de Alcântara show how graffiti artists have taken a simple subway stop and transformed it into an intoxicating gallery that pleases the eye and transports the mind.


Lisbon, Portugal

No longer available


August 25, 2016


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