Driving Tour, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Driving Tour, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

One of Pennsylvania’s most visited tourist destinations has been overflowing with tourists and history buffs from all over the world.  Many visitors want to learn about the historic battlefields and the Civil War. Now, thanks to InSite Gettysburg, a Gettysburg born and bred everything tech tour company, and Tour Buddy Apps a high quality driving tour app is available.   Visitors can learn about Gettysburg as they drive along in their car with the Gettysburg Driving Tour App.


GPS Triggered Audio Tour

A visitor can download the app for $9.99 on the App Store or Google Play.   Visitors can drive, yes drive, through the battlefields as their app triggers at various points to tell the story of Gettysburg. At each stop, images display of historically accurate paintings, and audio plays automatically to explain what visitors see from the comfort of their car. In addition, users can click on a link in each stop that takes them to a Youtube clip that further explains the battle and gives a deeper understanding of what took place.


Experience Gettysburg by car

With more than 1,400 monuments, markers and tablets in Gettysburg, it’s daunting to sift through all of them understand one of the Civil War’s most decisive battles. The Gettysburg Driving Tour App does just that by identifying some of the more prominent markers at each stops. The InSite Gettysburg team also wanted to include local art in their app. Users will see beautiful dramatic paintings by Dale Gallon, a world renowned local artist whose art tells a history lesson in themselves. (See painting pictured above)


Download and learn more

The Gettysburg Battlefield Driving Tour gives visitors freedom to see, hear and watch the story of Gettysburg. Try the Gettysburg Battlefield Driving Tour App today on the App Store and Google Play.


Download the Gettysburg Battlefield Driving Tour App on the App Store  Available_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40

Download the Gettysburg Battlefield Driving Tour App on Google Play   googleplaybadge


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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


August 25, 2016


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