Multi-Guide Driving and Walking Tours, Northern Michigan

Multi-Guide Driving and Walking Tours, Northern Michigan

The Northern Initiatives  is a community development financial institution who is committed to growing the economy and driving tourism in Northern Michigan, so they created the Explore M123 Multi-Guide App using the App Builder Website to showcase different areas to residents and visitors alike.  The 3 different apps help users discover local attractions, businesses and provide a sweeping picture of all that Northern Michigan has to offer. 

This interactive guide of scenic Northern Michigan offers 3 individual guides for you to download and access offline.  Each of the guides offer beautiful images and audio narratives of this rustic and storied country as well as interactive GPS maps and contact information for places to visit. State route M123 is just one road.  One road.  Many stories.

  1.  Explore M123 takes you down state route M-123, 63 miles of pure Upper Peninsula Michigan.  The audio tour dishes on the stories behind picturesque stops like the Crisp Point Lighthouse and its amazing place in Michigan’s maritime history. Winter and summer activities guides help you find interesting local pastimes.  An accommodations guide is also included to help locate lodging.
  2. The Great Water’s Region Guide includes three trail tours that show every bit of the area’s natural beauty, charming small town life and world renowned landmarks. The Lake Superior Trail, Lake Huron Trail and Lake Michigan Trail are all at your fingertips for use with your iPad, iPhone and Android devices.
  3. Because Explore M123 is a Multi-Guide App, it also includes a video tour of the Tahquamenon Scenic Byway.  The video tour provides more depth through real stories and experiences, which illustrate the beauty and singularity of the area.  You can download the video tour and access it offline, along with all the other tours in the enterprise app.




Tahquamenon region of northern Michigan


August 28, 2016


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