Children’s Book Festival App

Children’s Book Festival App

Live Oak Public Library and the City of Savannah wanted to offer attendees to the Savannah Children’s Book Festival an interactive experience.  The library and city saw how beneficial an app would be to the event, and they created the Savannah Children’s Book Festival App using the App Builder Website.  The app gives users the opportunity to see the schedule, learn about featured authors and preview books written by authors through links to the Live Oak Public Library website.  Learn more about the Savannah Children’s Book Festival App available on the App Store and Google Play

The App

While many festivals and events print out schedules and information on speakers, the Savannah Children’s Book Festival App allows users to experience the festival and browse all it has to offer through an app.  The app includes a full schedule, a book signing schedule and information on featured and local authors.  The event is taking place in the scenic Forsyth Park, and the app includes a custom map of the event with markers on the map that shows users where the various events are happening and where to locate food vendors.  The Savannah Children’s Book Festival wanted to upgrade the experience of their attendees and their app adds an easy and interactive way to get all the information that they need!


Savannah, Georgia


November 2, 2016


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