Walking Tour of Carrollton, Mississippi

Walking Tour of Carrollton, Mississippi

The town of Carollton, Mississippi wanted residents and visitors to experience the town’s history and architecture through a self guided tour.  The town, through funding from the Mississippi Humanities Council, was able to create a walking tour app showing the homes throughout Carrollton and tell each home’s story.  They were able to create their iOS and Android app using the App Builder Website.


The App

The app takes users on a self guided tour of the town and its homes.  The architecture and time period the home was built in are narratred by Walt Grayson.  Walt Grayson, author, journalist, radio broadcaster and native of Mississippi brings the app to life as visitors can stroll around Carrollton and hear the story of its historic homes.

This App is just in time for the annual Historic Pilgrimage and Pioneer Day Festival.  The new app will compliment the most popular Pilgrimage home tour.  For more information on this event go to http://visitcarrolltonms.com/carrollton-pilgrimage/.  The Walking Tour of Carrollton, Mississippi is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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Carrollton, Mississippi


September 15, 2017


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