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New App Features

Tour Buddy Apps has been adding new features to make every GPS guided app an incredible experience:

[feature style=”” icon=”icon-check” title=”Users can experience a complete GPS triggered audio tour on Android devices. ” iconurl=”http://” url=]

[feature style=”” icon=”icon-check” title=”The new iOS look is optimized for easy navigation between categories and stops.” iconurl=”http://” url=http://]

[feature style=”” icon=”icon-check” title=”New quick settings button in the playbar so that users can adjust settings super fast.” iconurl=”http://” url=]

[feature style=”” icon=”icon-check” title=”Compass Navigation setting that triggers GPS points while traveling in a specific direction” iconurl=”http://” url=]


Preview of Upcoming Features

[feature style=”” icon=”icon-check” title=”App usage reports that let you track users’ behavior within the app.”][/feature]
[feature style=”” icon=”icon-check” title=”Choose which content to display in your app or tour by hiding some categories.”][/feature]
[feature style=”” icon=”icon-check” title=”Sleek new Android App rebuilt from the ground up with optimized user interface.”][/feature]
[feature style=”” icon=”icon-check” title=”Android users rejoice, you will soon be able to preview your app on our new Tour Buddy Android app.”][/feature]
[feature style=”” icon=”icon-check” title=”Monthly plans will soon be available for Android users.”][/feature]
[feature style=”” icon=”icon-check” title=”Each stop can now be included in multiple categories giving clients extra flexibility.”][/feature]


Stay tuned for all the exciting new additions!