International Language App Featured

International Language App Featured

Tour Buddy’s CEO Yvonne Jouffrault is featured in this interview discussing the international language tour features of the Savannah Experiences App. Savannah experienced more than 13 million visitors last year, 10 percent of which were international visitors. The app has been available in English for some time, but the additional languages featured support the significant international visitors experience Savannah.

From the video:

Yvonne Jouffrault, founder of TourBuddy Apps, says the app has been around for a while in English, but this is a chance for visitors who struggle to understand Savannah’s history to really understand it.

“There’s not a lot of options for foreign language visitors in Savannah. Mostly they roam around and they look at a map and have that clueless look on their face,” Jouffrault said.


The Savannah Experiences app is a multi-guide app that supports both English and international language tours in cooperation with Visit Savannah. The app users can choose from seven languages including

  • Spanish language tours
  • French language tours
  • German language tours
  • Portuguese language tours
  • Italian language tours
  • Chinese language tours
  • Japanese language tours

 Learn more about how you can use Tour Buddy at your destination to connect with international visitors using foreign language tours & check out how the Savannah Experiences app and Stone Mountain app enhance international visitor experience using foreign language tours.