How to use the Compass Navigation Feature

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How to use the Compass Navigation Feature

Tour Buddy Apps now has a Compass Navigation feature that allows the GPS triggers to play only when the user is traveling in a specific direction.  Steps to use the compass navigation:

  1. Open the Compass on your iPhone.

  2. Use the compass to determine the direction in which the user will be going to trigger the GPS point.

  3. Enter a range from ‘Low:210W’ to ‘High:330W’ so that the next stop will only trigger if the user is walking West within these coordinates (see image above).

  4. Test your GPS points to ensure that they trigger in the direction that the user will be going.


  • If your driving tour has a figure eight, or points that are located near each other, this feature will make it so your GPS triggers run smoothly.
  • The Compass Navigation feature needs to be set in the App Builder Website and the tour creator must use a compass to enter a range of direction in relation from one stop to another.
  • Create a tour with GPS points and then testing the tour in real time and using the compass on the iPhone.

*Please note that this feature is for driving tours only and it will not work on a walking tour.

iPhone Compass

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