How to QR Code

How to QR Code

What is that little square-shaped black and white symbol? And how does it help get more users for my App?  These are common questions about using a QR code to help promote your app whether you are using the Tour Buddy App, Tour Buddy Historic Tours,  or your own standalone App.

How does it work?

The QR code contains a direct link to your App so your guests don’t have to search within the App Store and Google Play.  The guest will open the camera on their device and only view the QR code through that lens. The iOS or Android device will automatically scan the code and open the App Store or Google Play listing depending on the operating system of the users device. The user can then easily download the app and begin use.

How does it help my App?

There can be confusion for guests to find the correct app.  The QR code takes away that confusion while saving time and aggravation.  This is a valuable tool that all guests will appreciate.  We recommend this awesome QR code create that creates just 1 link for both Android and iOS apps:

Here is a detailed article that goes in depth on creating QR codes in general: How to Make a QR Code.

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