Tour Buddy Apps creates GPS enabled apps for iOS (Apple) and Android devices.  The GPS triggers automatically play the audio and display images for each point of interest hands free.  Perfect for a GPS driving tour app.  The GPS map also shows the user where they are located by displaying a blue dot along with all the points of interest.  Check out how the GPS Triggers work.>> 

Use the GPS enabled app on any Android smartphone or iOS phone or iPad.  The App includes all of our Standard Features with a list view, gps map and detail screen with image for each point of interest.  Build your App on the user-friendly App Builder website and make changes to your content anytime – and the app will automatically update on the mobile devices that have downloaded your app.

GPS Trigger Feature in the App

GPS Auto Play

Allows the audio to play automatically when you pass a gps point

GPS Detection Radius

The distance from the GPS point that the app will trigger the audio.  Distance is in meters and can be altered.  Not recommend to go lower than 30 meters or above 150 meters for radius.

Kiosk Mode

Keeps your phone ‘awake’ while you are driving so that you don’t’ have to touch it

Audio Slideshow

Rotates images while audio is playing.

Settings for GPS Triggers in Tour Buddy App

Easily upload, manage and change content in real time

All changes to the tours can be made through our App Builder website which allows you to push the changes to the live apps which will automatically update.  This includes new tours, new stops, new audio or anything else.  See how easy it is.


No Wifi or cellular connection required

Smartphones (both iOS and Android) have separate GPS hardware that operates independently of any internet connection.


User controls the experience

User can play, pause, fast forward and rewind audio as well as browse the points of interest and choose a stop to listen to.  They can turn the GPS Auto-Play feature off which plays the audio at the gps trigger points.