3 Destinations Embracing International Visitors

How to improve visitors' experience with a mobile app tour

3 Destinations Embracing International Visitors

Let visitors explore a destination with a map based audio guide on their own smartphone.

Every day millions of visitors travel the globe to enrich their understanding of life beyond their own little corner of the world.  We are always excited to work with destinations and tour companies to enhance the experience of foreign visitors by offering multi-media tours in their native language so that they can leave with a better understanding of the stories and history that they came to learn.


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Ripley’s Red Train Tour  in St. Augustine, FL is offering Spanish and French speaking visitors access to GPS triggered French and Spanish language version of their popular train tour around the city. After purchasing their tickets, French and Spanish speakers download the Tour Buddy App and sign in to access the tour in their language. As the train passes points of interest, the guide automatically plays audio and shows images and text about the point of interest. Now, the Red Train Tour’s historic tour of over 20 stops in breathtaking St. Augustine has been made available to all of its guests and only passengers who board the Red Train Tour will be able to access the guides.


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Stone Mountain Park, near  Atlanta is Georgia’s most popular tourist destination and offers 3,200 acres of natural beauty and activities for the whole family.  Visitors can now experience a self-guided audio tour of the property in English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Korean through the Stone Mountain multi-guide app.  The tour includes historical information about the park and points out activities and fun facts for kids as well as an interactive map that allows visitors to easily navigate to all of the points of interest.  It is the perfect complement for visitors that want to explore. Once visitors have purchased their tickets, they are able to sign in and access the tour in their language on iOS or Android.


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Savannah, Georgia welcomes over 14 million visitors each year who come to experience the largest historic district in the US with well preserved 19th century buildings and 21st century culture.  While  tour companies offer a wide range of English language tours for every interest, visitors who are not as strong in English will inevitably miss out on a lot of interesting context.  Visitors can now download Savannah Experiences for iOS and Android.

Learn more about how you can use Tour Buddy at your destination to connect with international visitors using foreign language tours & check out how the Savannah Experiences app and Stone Mountain app enhance international visitor experience using foreign language tours.