Easy: Create Engaging Audio Content

Easy: Create Engaging Audio Content

How to create quick and easy audio tracks for your Tour and mobile App.

These days you don’t have to work for a studio to lay down your audio tracks.   There are many good quality and FREE programs that allow you to record voice and even mix in some music and sound effects.

Record your Voice

  1. Use your smart phone:  Every smart phone has a recording feature.  This is the easiest way to quickly record your voice.  Make sure that there are no ambient noises because the microphone will pick them up.  Most phones record as MP4 files so you will have to upload them to your computer and convert to MP3 files.  See below for more on that.  OR download an app for your smartphone that converts directly to mp3 – we recommend HI-Q for Android.
  2.  Use a microphone on your computer:  You can buy a good quality microphone for around $10 these days.  Plug it in and record your voice using Windows Media Player or any of the software programs listed below for mixing your audio tracks.


Converting Audio Files to MP3:

You will need to convert your audio files to MP3 format before uploading them to the Tour Buddy App Builder.  There are lots of free internet software programs that allow you to easily convert batches of audio files.  Our hands down favorite  is Switch by NCH with an easy interface and ability to convert to/from over 40 audio formats including wav, mp3, wma, m4a, ogg, avi, mid, flac, mov, amr, aac, au, aif, raw, dvf, vox, cda, gsm, dss, wmv and lots more.  A free option can be found here, but you will have to convert each file individually: https://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-mp3

When converting your audio files for use on a smart phone app, always render to the lowest bit rate possible without sacrificing quality so that the files will take up less space.  And ALWAYS render in mono for smart phones since their hardware does not take advantage of a stereo recording.

These are our recommendations but you should always email yourself a test file on your smart phone and open it to test the sound quality.

Voice only:  as low as 32 kps

Voice and music:  as low as 64 kps

Voice with lots of music and sound effects:  96 kps


 Need a Professional?

We can offer full service audio tour consultation services from writing the script to professional studio recording and post production editing/mixing/mastering. Fill out our form below for more information or send us an e-mail at info@tourbuddy.net.