Creating Audio – Mixing in Music and Effects

Creating Audio – Mixing in Music and Effects

So you’ve recorded your audio tracks and are thinking about editing or mixing in some music or sound effects.  Here are some free, easy to use programs to help you.


There are lots of free (and paid) online and downloadable programs that allow you to easily edit voice tracks and mix in music and sound effects.   Here are a few we recommend.

  • Audacity:  Download this free program onto your computer and get started.  It will allow you to mix multiple tracks and add lots of cool effects.   But the output will be a .wav file so make sure to convert to .mp3 before uploading to the App Builder.
  •  Wave Pad – another intuitive product by NCH this allows you to easily edit and mix your audio content.
  •  Pocket Wave Pad:  This is a great (and free) iPhone app that allows you to record and mix in other tracks.  However make sure to convert to MP3 files before you upload to the App Builder.
Mixing Tip:  Always make sure that the voice is not drowned out by music or sound effects.  We also recommend using compression on the voice track whenever you add other sounds behind it.  This will give it a richer, stronger sound.


Need Music and Sound Effects?

There are a lot of websites that offer music and sound effects for your project.  Most of them charge a small fee for full rights to the media.  We recommend doing a web search for a specific sound effect (ie.  royalty free fire engine) to find what you need.

Here are a couple we recommend:  Royalty Free Music Library ,  Audio Micro , Shockwave

 Need a Professional?

We can offer full service audio tour consultation services from writing the script to professional studio recording and post production editing/mixing/mastering. Just fill out the form below for more information.