Case Study: Great Dane Trailers Custom App

Case Study: Great Dane Trailers Custom App

We were very excited when Great Dane approached us to build an app to enable drivers to search and locate Great Dane Trailers sales, parts and service locations in North America.  

The app allows the user to search the locations based on keywords, nearby, or within a city, state, country.  It allows you to filter the search by the type of location; Service, Parts, Sales, Mobile, Advantage or All of the above.  The app allows you to call the service and parts locations and get directions. And the best part is that all of the information flows from the Great Dane locations database directly into our app builder platform and into the app so that the locations update automatically.  The app also features Great Dane products and upcoming events.  

 [highlight]Download the App here for iPhone and Android.[/highlight]


See a short video of the app below.

Some screenshots of the app.

2014-04-25 07.35.41

2014-04-25 07.19.50

2014-04-25 07.25.42

2014-04-25 07.31.43

2014-04-25 07.31.51

2014-04-25 09.29.03

photo 6

photo 4

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