GPS App Tour

Our GPS enabled app automatically plays audio tracks when the user passes specified GPS points!  Users create their GPS enabled app tour using the App Builder Website.

The GPS app tour is available as an iPhone, iPad or Android app!  Users can sign up for a monthly plan for small groups or make their app available on the App Store and Google Play.

Our GPS app tour includes all the features in our standard app guide including a list view, GPS map and detail screen with image for each stop.

GPS Triggers automatically

Audio tracks automatically play when the user passes a GPS trigger point.  Then, easily change the GPS point with the App Builder Website’s user friendly ‘drag and drop’ feature.


Easily upload, manage and change content in real time

All changes to the tours can be made through our App Builder Website which allows you to push the changes to the live.  The app  automatically updates!  Also, this includes new tours, new stops, new audio or anything else.


No Wifi or cellular connection required

iPhones and all smartphones have separate GPS hardware that operates independently of any connection. So, after an app is downloaded no wifi required!  *Though, a cellular connection does improve the speed of GPS triggering.


Control the experience

Play, pause, fast forward and rewind audio as well as browse the points of interest and choose a stop to listen to.  Then, turn the Auto-Play feature off so that the audio at the GPS trigger points plays.


Multiple tours per app

One app can include multiple languages of the same tour or multiple tours for different areas.   However only the selected tour/language will play so that the app same app can be used for many different purposes and tours.


Available for iPhone, iPad and Android!

We offer the app as an iPhone app, iPad app or Android app.   The iPad app has a slightly different navigation structure with a left side stop navigation bar that takes advantage of the larger iPad screen.  The iPad app appears under ‘iPad’ apps in app store searches from an iPad.   Our pricing plan includes all three apps.