5 steps to creating an amazing audio tour by Caroline Figiel from Creative Digital Productions

Tour Buddy Apps and Caroline Figiel from Creative Digital Productions have worked on several large projects together over the past 4 years.  Caroline’s expertise in telling a story along with the Tour Buddy App technology has provided outstanding audio tour experiences for the City of Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park and more.  Read Caroline’s steps to creating an audio tour. 


It’s no secret, my partner Danny and I love our job!  Who wouldn’t? We help venues discover stories that have the potential to make people laugh, cry and think.  No matter the size or the budget, all of our clients have something that makes them unique. It just needs to be told correctly and not as an afterthought.  This post is to help you avoid common mistakes and understand how your message can become “edu-taining” storytelling.

So what is “edu-tainment”?  It’s the special sauce that changes boring Wikipedia information into inspirational interpretation.  Is anyone ever entertained by listening to a school report? Audio storytelling might seem easy, but the process is more than matching a noun with a verb.


Step 1: Brainstorming

It begins with brainstorming.
What is your visitor take away?
Who is your audience?
What is their learning style?


Step 2: Familiarization

Take what seems like a pile of rocks and polish them into a gem of a story. Something that you take for granted is new and amazing to others.


Step 3: Scripts

Scripts created for the ears are different from those written for the eyes.  Remember not only are the words important, but so is the style.  The info gained during the brainstorming stage helps decide how to tell the story:

  • through interviews framed by narration?
  • solely narrated?
  • or would a character voice tell the story better?

Step 4: The Storyteller

The storyteller is a very important element to the success of your interpretation.  They are key to  your story’s impact.  Are they just a good reader, or does their delivery put the listener into the action or transport them to another place and time?


Step 5: Production

Production needs to enhance a story not overwhelm it.  It can take on a variety of styles -from the bare minimum to bells and whistles.



Know when to ask for help. Implementation and content are equally important.  When information is artistically transformed into interesting interpretation, that story will “edu-tain” guests on site and keep them posting about it online later.


Hear a sample of Creative Digital’s work:

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