Interview with our founder Yvonne Jouffrault

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Interview with our founder Yvonne Jouffrault

Hear the full interview above with Tour Buddy Apps Founder Yvonne Jouffrault.  Hear the story of how Tour Buddy Apps was created and what led Jouffrault to launch a mobile app tour software development company.  Here are some excerpts from this interview in June 2017:

“I wanted to create a rich interactive experience with stories and history for an outdoor tour.”  -Yvonne Jouffrault on why she created a mobile app tour

“We work with clients to figure out what the content for their tour should be, how to structure the content and deliver it in a way that will maximize the visitor experience to allow people to really understand the context of that location and its story.” – Yvonne Jouffrault on how Tour Buddy Apps helps clients create and launch their app tours.

“Content is king.” – Yvonne Jouffrault on what makes a great mobile app tour