Our popular App Builder platform offers a cost effective off-the-shelf App product that allows clients to create their own iPhone and Android apps for audio tours or city/museum/festival guide through an easy-to-use web interface. 

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    Multiple Guides

    • Create an app for iOS or Android that is one guide with a list of multiple tours available for download
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    Multiple Tours

    • Include multiple lists or categories in a guide for iOS and Android
  • User-Friendly website

    • Upload and update your app content with the easy to use App Builder Website.
    • Make changes to content anytime through the App Builder site and updates will be pushed to the app.
    • App is available offline!
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    Preview on your phone

    • Preview your app anytime by viewing it using the Tour Buddy App.
    • After app is downloaded, it works offline.
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    Multiple categories in one app

    • Create multiple stop lists that include multiple languages or areas to enhance the visitor experience.
    • Search, Sort and Favorite your points of interest by keywords or sort by ‘nearby’ and choose ‘Favorites’ to view later.
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    GPS Map with clickable pins

    • GPS Map allows users to see their location and get directions by clicking on the pins for each point of interest.
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    Custom Image Map

    • Include your custom map.
    • Identify each point of interest on the map for your facility or area.
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    GPS Triggers, Audio and Images play automatically

    • Turn on Geo location triggers to automatically trigger GPS points that will play an audio file.
    • Turn on the ‘Slideshow’ feature to rotate images in full screen when audio plays.
    • Play audio from every screen so you can start, stop or pause the audio or fast forward/rewind from anywhere in the app.
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    Video Links and Clickable Content

    • Embed links for each stop that will launch within the app. Include You Tube videos, website links, social media links and more to broaden the user experience.
    • Clickable content for phone numbers and addresses to make locations and businesses easily accessible to the user.
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    Optimized for iPad

    • Our iPhone app can be viewed in actual or 2X size on an iPad or check out our NEW iPAD only app.
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    Custom Branding

    • Upload your logo and custom graphics.
    • Create your own icon, splash screen and Information Screens with graphics, links and contact info.
    • Customize the accent color of your app to match your branding.