Pricing FAQs

What is your pricing?

See our pricing page.  

Is it easy to upgrade from a monthly plan to an app package?

Absolutely, you can upgrade anytime and we will simply release your guide(s) as a Single Guide App to the app store and google play.

I want to make money off of my app, how can i do that?

You can charge for the Single Guide App or the Multi-Guide App (not the monthly plan app).  Google and Apple take 30% of whatever you charge and then Tour Buddy sends a check every quarter for your revenue only if the amount is over $100.  Tour Buddy charges a $15 processing fee for each check sent.

I want an app on the App Store and Google Play. How much does that cost?

It depends on how many stops or points of interest your tour has.  For an app with more than 150 stops, you would want the Multi-Guide App ($6,000-$8,000).  If you have less than 150 stops, you can purchase the Single Guide App ($3500).  

Plans & Products FAQs

What is the difference between the Monthly Plan and the Single Guide or Multi-Guide Apps?

For the monthly plan, users access the content through the Tour Buddy App on the App Store and Google Play using a username and passcode.  For the Single Guide and Multi-Guide Apps, users search for your branded app on the App Store and Google Play and can download it directly from the App Store and Google Play.

For the Monthly Plan, what is a ‘guide’ and what is a ‘device/download’?

When you log into the App Builder, you will create a guide.  This counts as one guide.  Once the guide is downloaded to a device, that is one download.  The same device can uninstall and reinstall the app several times and it still counts as only 1 download.

Is there a limit on number of guides I can add for the Multi-Guide App?

No, no limit.  Please contact us for pricing for more than 10 guides.

Features FAQs

Do I need internet or cell reception for the app to work?

No.  You do not need an internet connection or cell reception for the app to work.  Once the app is downloaded, the app works without internet on the device.  The GPS triggers work with the GPS hardware in the phone and communicate with satellites and do NOT need cell reception or data.  Our app works anywhere in the world on land or in a boat over the water regardless of cell reception or internet availability.

How many stops can I include in a guide?

We recommend no more than 100-150 stops or points of interest per guide.  These can be broken up into multiple categories or ‘lists’ so that the user will only see 30-40 per category in the app.

What is the difference between the Single Guide and the Multi-Guide App?

The Single Guide App is 1 guide and it should have no more than 100-150 stops or points of interest in the guide.  The Multi-Guide App contains many guides and is better for tours with much more than 100-150 points of interest.

What is the difference between a guide and an app?

One guide can be one app such as the Single Guide App or there can be several guides in an app such as the Multi-Guide App.  One guide can have multiple lists or categories, so you can put more than 1 tour in a guide.  1 guide can include 100-150 stops.

Are the translations and voice over automatic for the foreign language tours?

No.  The translations and voice over are additional and are determined by word count and speed of delivery.  We do have software we recommend for computer generated voice recordings in various languages.

Is your app offline?

Yes!  Everything is offline EXCEPT for the map images and the video streaming.  Audio, images, GPS triggers and content are all offline.

Will the GPS triggers work on any iOS or Android device?

Yes, but in order for the GPS triggers to work, the device must have cellular data capabilities.  That means it is NOT wifi only and has the GPS hardware in all devices that are capable of using cellular data.

Can I include more than 1 tour in a guide?

Yes. A guide can include one tour or several tours.  If you want to include many tours in your guide, you can.  You can turn ‘ON’ the categories and create a different category for each tour.

How do the GPS triggers work?

The GPS triggers work offline with the hardware in your smartphone that uses satellite signals that trigger when you are near a specific GPS point.  We recommend that GPS points are around 50 meters (250 feet) apart when creating an app.  Click to read more about GPS triggers.

Should I use iBeacons for my tour?

Maybe.  Read our blog post to learn how iBeacons work and see if they are right for your tour.

Do you have advertisements in your app?

Technically we do not have pop up advertisements in our app.  But, you can certainly include sponsors in your app.   The sponsors can appear as part of the content either as a “stop” on one of your tours or you can recommend the sponsor in the written content below the information about the point of interest.  We have several clients who include sponsors in both ways.

Building Your App FAQs

What are the ``Stops`` on the App Builder Website?

The “Stops” are the items that show up in the list in the app.  If your tour has various points of interest, each point of interest will be its own “stop.”  If it is an event, each event would be listed as its own “stop.”  You can add a subtitle to the stop in the “stop description” box below the “stop title” box.

How do the categories work in the App Builder Website?

You can turn the categories ON or OFF in the App Builder Website.  You can create as many categories as you want and call label them according to your tour’s content. If you have the categories turned ON, you will then place each stop into a category using the drop down box below the “stop title” box in the App Builder Website.  Categories are useful to organize multiple tours or lists.

Who owns the rights to my tour once I upload it to the App Builder Website?

You own the rights.  The original content that you upload to the App Builder Website is your intellectual property, we just provide the medium for you to share it.

How long does it take to get my app on the App Store and Google Play for a branded app (not the monthly plan)?

2 weeks from the time all of your content is entered.

If I use the monthly plan, how do I access my app?

You access your content through the Tour Buddy App Guide on the App Store and Google Play.  The monthly plan is not a branded app.  See How to use the download code.

What format should my audio file be?

Mp3 files are the only format you can upload.

What format should my image file be?

Jpeg or PNG files compressed to 200 KB or less.

What image size works best?

We recommend images that are least 1600 pixels wide (height does not matter).

Publishing Your App FAQs

What is the home icon? What are the dimensions?

The home icon is the small square that appears on the phone or tablet’s dashboard.  It needs to be 1024 pixels wide X 1024 pixels high.  It will be shrunk down very small to 57 px wide X 57 px high.

What makes a good home icon?

Something that is going to be easily to read and notice as a very small square.  See this article on what makes a good home icon.

What is the portrait splash? What are the dimensions?

This is the image that splashes on the screen of a smartphone after the app is first downloaded.  It is 640 pixels wide X 1136 pixels high (will be cropped to 640 px wide X 960 px high for smaller screens).  You can resize your home icon for the splash image or use a portrait image from your app.

What is the landscape splash? What are the dimensions?

The image that splashes on the screen of an iPad or tablet after the app is first downloaded.  It is 2048 pixels wide x 1536 pixels high.  You can resize your home icon or use a landscape image from your app.

What should my keywords for the App Store and Google Play be?

Keywords are very important so that people can find your App on the App Store and Google Play with search words.  Here is an excellent article on crafting your keywords so that you can reach more people with searches

How can I get more downloads after my app is published?

We have thought about this A LOT.  Read our blog post here.