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Tour Buddy is a mobile app development company at the forefront of audio tour technology. Since 2008, Tour Buddy has helped visitor destinations reach new audiences with engaging multimedia tours delivered through the latest digital devices. We started creating Audio Tours in 2009 and after several years of creating and producing audio tours, wanted to deliver a more dynamic, interactive visitor experience. We designed the ideal Tour Guide App that delivers location aware information that visitors want in an intuitive and user friendly format. The App Builder website allows our clients to easily customize this sophisticated app for an affordable price. Tour Buddy continues to combine its expertise in multimedia tours with software application development to help clients deliver tour content in the most engaging format.


Our popular App Builder platform offers a cost effective off-the-shelf App product that allows clients to create their own iPhone and Android apps for audio tours or city/museum/festival guide through an easy-to-use web interface. App features include custom branding, stop images, audio, GPS maps, custom image maps, website and video links and more.  For a list of apps created using the App Builder platform visit www.tourappbuilder.com/products. Tour Buddy also offers custom app development for Apple and Android platforms.

Review of Stone Mountain Park Historic App

Easy to follow and gives the information I needed in a format easy to follow and use.

App Store Review by outdoors03

Increased visitors and revenue

There are more individual visitors seen and more tour registrations by an increased number of tour companies than in previous years. And we think a portion of the increase is due to the availability of our mobile tour app.

Lee Maltenfort Chairman of the Board, Bonaventure Historical Society

Jumping into the digital age

We’re pretty excited about the app, It’s kind of a neat way to jump into the digital age with an easy-to-use platform.

Josh Evarts Meridian Historical Preservation Commission, Meridian, Idaho